App Cloner Pro 1.4.15 Apk Download (Premium) 2018 Update

app cloner pro apk download

App Cloner Pro Apk for Android 1.4.15 Download

If you are looking for running two instances of an app, then App Cloner Pro is the app that will help you with this. AppListo is the developer of this app. If you are wondering to run two whatsapp accounts on two different mobile numbers or any game on two accounts, then you can use this app to get it done. You can modify or edit app access permissions for the cloner app. The app cloner premium version can enhance the ability of certain app by securing it with password protection, secure for file deletion, incognito mode and many more features. The cloned app does not depend on the original app as it got its login details and different app data. While upgrading the main application in app cloner pro apk, the app does not get updated so that we can use the stable version of the app if the new version gets any bug; also this helps to use different versions of the app. So download and install this app now.

   Download APK (App Cloner Pro)

Important features

  • Clone your favorite apps like WhatsApp, Gmail and Messenger.
  • You can even clone in batch or multiple cloning of the same app while using the premium of this app.
  • Change display size and status bar, navigation bar colors of the cloned app.
  • Edit or remove app permissions, exclude apps from recent apps, can change the location of the app manually.
  • Disable autostart or app default for any app.

app cloner 1.4.12 premium


What’s new in the latest version

  • Clone an APK file now without prior app installation
  • Support for Android 8.0
  • Ignore the app crashes if you do not want to show the crash message


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Version Info

App Name App Cloner Pro Apk
Version 1.4.15
Last Update April 12, 2018
Android Version Requires 4.0.3+
Total Downloads 5000000+
App Size 7.6 MB
Developer AppListo
Availability on Play Store Google Play Store Link


Download App Cloner Pro Apk latest version For Free

Click here to download the latest App Cloner Pro v1.4.15 APK file.


Hope you have successfully downloaded the App Cloner Pro Apk. If there is any query or suggestion, please leave a comment below.

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