App Cloner Pro 1.5.9 Apk Download (Premium) 2018 Update

App Cloner Pro apk download

App Cloner Pro Apk for Android 1.5.9 Download

If you are looking for running two instances of an app, then App Cloner Pro is the app that will help you with this. AppListo is the developer of this app. If you are wondering to run two WhatsApp accounts on two different mobile numbers or any game on two accounts, then you can use this app to do it for you. You can mod or edit app access permissions for the cloner app. The app cloner premium version can enhance the ability of certain app by securing it with password protection, secure for file deletion, incognito mode and many more features.

The cloned app does not depend on the original app as it got its login details and different app data. While upgrading the main application in App Cloner Pro apk, the clone app does not update, so that we can use the stable version of the app if the new version gets any bug; also this helps to use different versions of the app. So download and install this cracked version app now.

   Download APK (App Cloner Pro)

Important features of App Cloner Premium

  • Clone your favorite apps like WhatsApp, Gmail, and Messenger.
  • You can even clone in batch or multiple cloning of the same app while using the premium of this app.
  • Change display size and status bar, navigation bar colors of the cloned or mod apk.
  • Edit or remove app permissions, exclude apps from recent apps, can change the location of the app manually.
  • Disable autostart or app default for any app.

app cloner premium 1.5.0

What’s new in the latest version Apk 1.5.9

  • Fix for cloning some of the new games.
  • APK file cloning without any prior installation
  • Build props available for fingerprint option > Fingerprint
  • With pro version custom package name feature available
  • And 4.0 – 4.3 bug fixes
  • Clone an APK file now without prior app installation
  • Support for Android 8.0
  • Ignore the app crashes if you do not want to show the crash message


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APK Version Info

App NameApp Cloner Pro Apk
Last UpdateNovember 17, 2018
Android Version Requires4.0.3+
Total Downloads5000000+
App Size9.6 MB
Availability on Play StoreGoogle Play Store Link


Steps to Download & Install App Cloner Pro Apk For Free

  • First, go to the Download Link of App Cloner Pro and download the apk file.
  • After the file download is complete, click on install.
  • You must have enabled application install from unknown sources in settings for uninterrupted installation.
  • Now you have successfully installed App Cloner Pro on your mobile phone.
  • For cloning apps please read the detailed guide given below.


How to Unlimited Clone Apps using App Cloner Pro?

Unlike any other app cloning apps, which only allows one clone of any app. But using App Cloner Pro 2018, we can do the unlimited number of clones of any application with the advanced batch cloning option. So this great feature keeps it ahead of other cloning apps. Follow below procedure to clone any app.

Before starting, first, we need to Download and install the App Cloner Pro latest version.

Now open the app, click on the Apps tab and select the app to clone.

Select single clone or Batch cloning in clone number.

Provide the number of cloning and select appropriate options.

Two extra optional options available inside clone number, these are, replace original app and individual clone settings.

Replace original app will replace the already installed app with a clone app giving it a proper clone number.

app cloner 2018 mod apk

Individual clone settings allow to provide details for each clone like app icon, app name, add badge etc.

Along with app clone customization, there is also an option for app modding, with a lot of options to individually craft each cloning app.

After selecting all the details, now click on the blue tick to start cloning.

It will take some time to create the clone the app.

After the clone app is done, now you can install the cloned app with all the modified values that are provided in previous steps.

Congratulations! Now enjoy the newly created app.


Which apps that can’t be cloned?

We can clone many applications using App Cloner Pro. But some application that needs some features like Google account logins, Google Play Games, Google Play Services, Google Drive backup or has some purchase option inside the app. We cannot clone these kind of apps. This happens because, while cloning, app certificate changes that may give rise to some problems while using some app features.

List of some of these apps but not limited to that app cloner 1.5.9 premium apk cannot clone are given below.

Most of the Google apps
Skype for Business


More about App Cloner Premium apk

We have already discussed most of the things about App Cloner Pro which describes everything about the app. Starting from how to download, install to how to clone individual apps. Whether it is single or batch cloning. While you are in need of multiple Messenger logins, Twitter or Instagram then you can simply create the desired number of clones. Install them one by one and start logging in each of your accounts.

This is just fun right! You also have the options to play with each cloning app as you have the option to mod any app. Try all those tweaks while cloning and you never know you might come up with something amazing and unexpected results. Try these options with caution as there might be some chance that the cloned app might stop working because of any broken feature. But you don’t need to worry as you can always start cloning again with default option and can start debugging what was the problem for last time. As we all know everything has some pro and cons. Though the app cloner premium cracked apk comes with many advanced features which are very helpful, it still have some little cons. But we can easily ignore these by looking at all the benefits it is providing.


Can clone any app with modified parameters

Customize most parts of the app according to the need

Clone apps by multiple of 10 along with batch cloning option which creates desired no of cloned app

Donation version supports unlimited batch cloning


Can not clone most of the Google apps

Lacks support for apps with in-app purchase option because of certificate issues


Download App Cloner Pro Apk latest version For Free

Click here to download the latest App Cloner Pro v1.5.9 APK file.


Hope you have successfully downloaded the App Cloner Pro Apk. If there is any query or suggestion, please leave a comment below.

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