Ravensword Shadowlands Apk 1.3 (MOD with OBB) Download Android

ravensword shadowlands apk download

Ravensword Shadowlands Apk for Android 1.3 Download

Hello, today we will talk about Ravensword Shadowlands, this is a popular RPG based game which is developed by Crescent Moon Games. The Ravensword game world brings the fun-filled adventurous fantasy world to you with creepy creatures and dynamic happening events when you interact with the environment. When you enter the world ravensword shadowlands apk game, you will be amazed by visually stunning graphics and creatures like goblins, dinosaurs, spiders, Titans and many more dangerous inhabitants. To face these monsters equip urself with your favorite weapon and slay them as you progress through the game. So download this game now and enjoy this epic creation from Crescent Moon Games.


Important features

  • Enjoy the game in 2 different views on your mobile from first person to 3rd person view which you can change in a fly.
  • Hear and feel the original soundtrack for the game from the famous music composer Sean Beeson.
  • A big and beautiful 3D world waiting for you to explore every part of it.
  • Choose your favorite weapon from various available types Bows, Swords, Crossbows, axes and many more.
  • Interact with the environment with different skills like stealth, pickpocketing, enhance your items to gain power, etc.

ravensword shadowlands mod apk


What’s new in the latest version

  • Some feature enhancements.
  • Map bug fix for Android 4.3.

Version Info

App Name Ravensword Shadowlands Apk
Version 1.3
Last Update November 8, 2013
Android Version Requires 4.0+
Total Downloads 500000+
App Size 8MB + 488MB
Crescent Moon Games
Availability on Play Store Google Play Store Link


Download Ravensword Shadowlands Apk latest version For Free

Click here to download the latest Ravensword Shadowlands v1.3 APK file & Click here for OBB file.


Hope you have successfully downloaded the Ravensword Shadowlands Apk. If there is any query or suggestion, please leave a comment below.

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